Root Cards

In Previewer, each Root Card becomes a single page.

Nested Cards

Nested Cards are for sub-sections.

Tip Clicking Group creates a Nested Card with the selected Entries. Conversely, Ungroup moves the Entries to the parent Card.

Auxiliary Cards

Auxiliary Card means that the Card has its Hide in Previewer option turned on. They are for:

  • comments, or
  • intermediate computations (discussed later in Formulas)

Tip Auxiliary Cards can be hidden in the Drafter Workspace too, ViewHidable Cards.

How to Insert Cards? (3 options)

1. Drop a Card Template into the board, or into another Card.

2. Click a Card Template. If a Card is selected, it creates a nested one.

3. Ctrl K (works like option 2).

Keyboard Modifiers

  • Alt for an Empty Card
  • Shift for a Formula Card

Those modifiers work for the three options.

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