Connections are either Entry to Entry or Card Total to Entry.

Data flows from output to input. The input connector is the left one. The output connector can have many connections.

If you create a connection starting from an input connector, the initial data flow is in reverse, but becomes normal afterward.

Besides connector-to-connector, you can create a connection by dropping it into an empty Card region.

ViewConnections toggles their visibility. When hidden, connections still exist and work as usual.

What's the Linked Data?

Targets mirror the source's:

  • Label
  • Value
  • Numeric Format
  • Entry Template

On the other hand, you can independently change the target's:

  • Operator
  • Color
  • Hide in Previewer (on/off)
  • Strikethrough (on/off)

Deleting Connections (2 options)

  • Right-Click → Delete Connection(s)
  • Alt Click

Circular Flow Prevention

Uxtely prevents connections that would cause an infinite loop. For example, trying to connect a Total to one of its dependencies.

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